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A charity that aims to:

Seek funds for ethnographic scientific research, including language, empirical medicine, botany, traditions and rites of Gabon. 

To partner with international organisations to preserve Bwete.


To represent worldwide the traditional knowledge holders of Bwete.

To promote the intangible, traditional and cultural heritage of Gabon.

To work towards the protection of rights of authorship of the arts and music of Bwete.

To Implement the Nagoya protocol in collaboration with international partners in order to create ways to share the benefits of the Gabonese genetic resources with the traditional knowledge holders.

The charity’s vision is to facilitate a worldwide sustainable approach to the use of Gabonese genetic resources. Cementing the inextricable links that exist between the genetic resources used within the Bwete tradition and the culture that surrounds it. This intention will allow for preservation, understanding and ethical development. A symbiotic relationship that holds respect, humility and gratitude as its core.

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Neo Bwete CIO: About Our Store
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